Monday, December 19, 2005

Yes Virginia Jineteras Do Exist in Cuba!!!

Usually I try to write something new each post, unless it's an ongoing story. I have never responded to a comment on a post, until today!!

My last post I talked about UNICEF, sexual tourism in Cuba and child prostitution on the island..... One of the comments to my post stated that what I was saying was "absurd" The comment, written by Leftside, said that HE found no trace of prostitution in Cuba and that in fact the Cuban government crack's down on prostitution. ..... I want to know what Cuba did he go to????

While I don't doubt the Cuban government "tries" to give the impression they would never let children or adults prostitute themselves for some dollars, the reality is it happens every day. I can give you dozens of reports, articles and first hand accounts about such event that occurred in Cuba. (see below)

Yet my friend, Leftside, you say that I have no bases for my claims and from your personal experience on the socialist island that clearly I am a liar. As you said "I did not see ANY action when I was there last year."..... So what!!

Just because you claim that you didn''t see prostitutes in Cuba, it doesn't mean they don't exist? I don't see drugs or prostitutes in my daily life living in Washington D.C., but I do know they exist. So what you didn't see an overwhelming proof of sex rings in Cuba, but now you can read more about it and realize there are Jineteras in Cuba.

Or maybe you didn't see it because you are one of those idealist about Castro's Revolution. Here's the reality about the "great revolution" - IT FAILED!! Castro and Che's baloney propaganda failed miserably not only because it was a farce of an idea that could never actually take form in real life, but because their great plan was all about their own personal power and not the well being of the Cuban people.

In addition, though Castro can give the good talk at his old age, he would NEVER shut down an industry providing him moneEspeciallylly SOOOO much money. If you haven't noticed this communist/socialist/ believer in equality lives in a palace and is considered one of the worldrichestest men while millions of his people die and suffer.

Defending the Cuban government will get you no where here. And your claim that I "blame the problem exclusively on foreign tourists"... WELL DUH!!!! Tourist are the ones with the money!

The average Cuban on the island sometimes doesn't have enough to buy food, he usually isn't looking for prostitutes or jineteras.... and as far as the drugs comment, just because drugs are not a huge part of the prostitution circles in Cuba (which I am not sure if they are or if they are not... anyone want to help me on that one??) but that alone does not take away the fact that children are being abused on that island. I know that prostitution in Cuba is different that what we picture prostitution to be in the states, but again, it does not take away the raw in-humanity of the act and the desperation of the people doing such things as selling their bodies for money so they can feed their families.

The ECPAT Network - End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism - is a group of international organizations to end child prostitution and pornography all over the world published a study, "Child Prostitution and Sex Tourism: Cuba." It said that "In Cuba, the link between tourism and prostitution is perhaps more direct than in any other country that hosts sex tourists." ECPAT also said a higher ratio of tourists are drawn to Cuba for prostitution rather than for the beaches, the shopping or the cultural experience more than to any other country in the world.

It also said "With mass tourism came large-scale effective demand for prostitution. Since many Cuban people are currently experiencing enormous economic hardship, it is not surprising that a supply of prostitutes has emerged to meet this demand." (link below)

Even from the floor of the House of Representatives Members of Congress from both sides have commented about Cuba's child prostitution rings, thier market for sexual tourism and how the abuse the children of Cuba. Look it up in the House Congressional Record.

I can pick apart your argument word by word, but I figured i might left others post thier comments as well.

And for your reading pleasure:
(note, some of the pages have graphic pictures, please be carefull)

- (Great report from the John Hopkins University. Go to Human Right Reports and then go to Americas and click on Cuba, President Bush has cited this report when talking about human trafficking in Cuba and prostitution.




- (Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation- Cuba)

- (Cuba: The Thailand of the Americas)

- (Getting to Know Cuba guide)

- (Poverty Pushes Cuban Women into Sex Tourism)

I hope these are helpful. I don't doubt that you will comment on some problem with them. But they are the truth.

On more thing, I don''t know how the left always has a way to champion the cause of despicable things. You will defend Castro and his revolution, and the right of people to be self determined individuals, speaking their mind, but you won't admit to Human Right Violations in Cuba or the fact that thousands are rotting in Cuban jails. Boggles my mind, I guess that is why I'm a Republican.


Alfredo said...

maybe Virginia needs to check this recent post at babula:

it's incredible how people still defend this brutal regime and all the atrocities committed on a daily basis.

leftside said...

Alfredo, perhaps you should read this "sex guide" - as of today (7/26-7/4) there are a bunch of real interesting postings that make almost all of MY points... before it delves into real fishing prospects.

But allow me to respond after all this time. First off, I never denied prostitution exists in Cuba. I alleged it is MUCH smaller and of a mostly more benign variety (not desperate or societal harmful). Posters on that sick site complain of getting "skunked" and because it is not a "drive thru" like Dominican Republic. All of them say to lay low and watch for police. Some disgusting f*cks talk of stalking nursing schools and academic centers. None mention organized anything, none mention authorities tolerating it, let alone "encouraging it for tourism." I don't see any evidence of that claim in any of your citations. Even the State Dept admits as much. The say trafficking exists but they cant' guage how much - and share no proof. Cuba is the only country named a top trafficker by the US that does not have an external trafficking problem...

You acknowledge Cuban prostitution "is different" than the US, and seemt to also admit it is smaller? If you are going to count the kind of Cuban "dinner and drinks" prostitution (that is cited on a posting too), then well the US has many more millions as well. Of course, a rich country like the US should have less, right? I think it is inarguable that, besides the inhumanity (you are right) of any sex for money, the social effects like drugs, disease are the real societal (and therefore State) business.

I think that is the extent that you disagreed with me. I dare you also to back to the (1996) EPCAT report (when Cuba was in the depths a a great depression x2), cited by you. The very prominently quoted line about is scandelously misleading. Consider the follow up line:

"Although the sexual exploitation of women and children by colonists, slave holders and neocolonial elites had been a constant theme of the island's history, the post 1959 Cuban state made a sustained and successful attempt to wipe out the organised basis of prostitution. Indeed, for some commentators, this represents one of the greatest achievements of the Revolution..."

And a Footnote on the same introduction: "As was the case with the report on Costa Rica, we are unable to provide ( any reliable information about the scale of the problem of child prostitution in Cuba. It seems probable that, by comparison with Costa Rica, and certainly by comparison with Thailand, the number of children who are sexually exploited in Cuba is small. However, it is also the case that most of the child sexual exploitation that does take place in Cuba is perpetrated by tourists.

Another couple points of mine made by your sources, cheers. I didn't have to go googling things that are common sense to anyone who knows Cuba.

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