Friday, May 08, 2009

Obama: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Here is a great video from Reason.TV on the DC voucher program. The Democrats have been trying to cut the program and leave many talented young DC students in the most expensive and most dysfunctional school system in the nation.

Apparently President Obama doesn't want to give parents a choice in their children's education. I think its a bit snobbish of him to have a 'do as I say, not as I do," mentality on the issues. Obama's own children attend private school in the district, knowing full well the quality of education in the nation's capitol. He himself was a recipient of a school scholarship.

I grew up in a sketchy area myself. After my parents divorced we had to move in with my grandmother. And though the area was good, the school district was not. Thankfully I was provided a scholarship to a private school during grade school and got out of a possibly very bad situation.

School choice is essential, especially for inner city children and those living in struggling school districts. Watch the video and it will tell you more.

thanks to Hispanic Pundit for the link.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Loretta Sanchez Facing Challenger

Loretta Sanchez, better known for her risque Christmas cards, and being called out by colleagues, might be facing a significant challenger in her next election.

According to C.Q. Politics Asian American Republican Van Tran announced Wednesday he is forming a 2010 exploratory committee to run against Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez in California's 47th District.

From C.Q.:

"I'm deeply concerned about our economy. California's unemployment is up 33 percent in the past five months, but we're not seeing solutions in Washington," Tran, a California assemblyman, said in a statement. "If I run for Congress, my first priority will be passing meaningful economic reforms to create more jobs and get Californians working."

Republicans in Washington have been working to recruit Tran for a congressional bid. Tran's election to the state assembly in 2004 made him the first Vietnamese-American in the country elected to a state legislature.

Officials in Washington (I am assuming the NRCC and RNC) hope that Tran will appeal tot he large Vietnamese constituency in the district, who are also strongly conservative Christians.

Sanchez, a Latina, whose sister is also in Congress, is whispered to be interested in running for the California Governor in 2010. But like usual, many are not taking her very seriously. She has taken no major steps toward seeking the mega office of California Governator. She isn't even a blimp in major statewide polls of the race.

George W. Bush narrowly carried the district in 2004. Shockingly Barack Obama received 60 percent of the vote in 2008. John McCain received 38 percent in CA-47.

LULAC National President Rosa Rosales Statement On Swine Flu

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation's largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country, National President Rosa Rosales today issued a statement in response to recent human infections with a newly discovered type A (Swine flu) virus:

Also, more resources for Latino in Spanish:

Mexico City lets all businesses reopen Thursday

So was the Swine Flu all hype? I think not but it does feel that way. I think it was important to try to protect the public as much as possible from an unknown illness. Now Mexico is re-open and they are taking about an economic recovery package to help the country after the government enforced shutdown. Read more from the Washington Post.

Here is some interesting information about the economic impact from the WSJ.

Shameless Senator

Today in Capitol Hill Cubans an unknown Senator is blocking a resolution calling for the release of unjustly imprisoned journalists in Cuba. Sponsored by Senator Mel Martinez is trying to pass civil rights resolution in the Senate but apparently a Cuba loving Senator who is anti-Free speech and pro-torture is trying to block this peaceful resolution.

Read more here: Shameless Senator

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Two Democrats on an Escalator

I don't think much more is needed to say after watching this video. Here is the Democrat's vision of the world, waiting for someone to bail them out.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pres. Lincoln to Mexico: Thanks for Cinco De Mayo

Many Americans (gringos) incorrectly assume that Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence day. They are misinformed on the significance of May 5th to Mexicans and how the triumphant battle in Puebla, Mexico, which the celebration honors, helped assure American unity and victory for Union forces.

Watch the video:

Long story short, the French hated that the American were becoming a stronger national power. The Mexicans had defaulted on payment as the county went bankrupt. The newly elected President Benito Juarez made deals to pay the loans, the Spanish and English were satisfied, but the French had other ideas. The French wanted to take over Mexico and claim it as part of their empire. Peasant farmers in Mexico fought off the uber-organized French military, the most powerful army in the world. Before the French could take over Mexico and help the Southern Confederates create a divided America, a smaller threat to French interest, the Mexicans kicked thier Parisans booty and won the war.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Pennsylvania Teens Acquitted In Murder of Mexican Immigrant

Very sad news.... When people tell me there is no xenophobia I point to cases like this. Its sad I know more stories like this.

La Plaza: Pennsylvania Teens Acquitted In Murder of Mexican Immigrant

As reported by the Associated Press, an all-white jury late Friday acquitted two Pennsylvania teenagers of all serious charges against them from the fatal beating of an illegal Mexican immigrant named Luis Ramirez. READ MORE

Should you be angry at the “Republican Party” about backing Specter before he bailed on us?

Great post today on the Next Right entitled : Should you be angry at the “Republican Party” about backing Specter before he bailed on us?

Chris Faulkner, who has worked on dozens of campaigns tries to explain Republican Party structure to the masses. Clearly there were many upset with the Specter defection. Some activists were upset at the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) for previously supporting Spector.

Many conservative activists don't understand the Republican party structure. They vote on ideology but don't understand the RNC, NRCC and NRSC are not ideological organizations. As noted by Faulkner:
"Keep in mind the RNC, NRSC and the NRCC are NOT issue driven organizations. They are member driven organizations with only ONE goal…majority status, that’s it, no other reason for being."
The NRSC and NRCC are organizations aimed at helping officials who have been popularly elected by their communities to represent them in Washington D.C. They aim to maintain the power of the Party.

I really liked Faulkner's call to action. Instead of complaining that the party doesn't represent you, become part of the party structure.
"So if you want the committee to be ideologically pure you should cool your jets. They are not think tanks, they are membership retention organizations. If you are mad at the NRSC for backing Specter in the first place call your own Senator and yell at him/her.
Is the RNC not conservative enough for you? Then check your state party. State Party too liberal for you? Work your county party."
Good luck to all and get involved. No one likes a political back seat driver.

Two cents on the House GOP video

On Friday i wrote about the CHC upset they were in a video with Barack Obama.

While I still feel they are fair game I wanted to add some additional thoughts on the content of the video.

When I first saw the video I really wasn't taken back. Nothing new to see. Republican saying they are stronger on national security has been a mantra for some time now. I thought the timing was odd but I was distracted by the CHC's objections

While speaking to some friends on the west coast they made me realize something crucial about the video. On top of the timing is odd, how is it really helpful? What does it add to the debate?

Clearly liberal Hispanic/ Latinos have used it to their advantage. They have successful branded it as another example on how the "evil-privileged" GOP is demonizing the "poor-humble" democratic Latinos. While this is hog wash, the message got repeated in Spanish media.

At the end this is a message war. While I applaud the House GOP on trying to get ahead and be pro-active creating a video, they have to be more critical on what they are doing and think of every possible angle. And be more relevant to the current debate (i.e. economy!) It's not easy, but it could help if they diversified their staff a bit. Just sayin'.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hispanic Democrats Mad They Are in Video with BHO?

Apparently the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) is furious they are in a video with President Obama. And, of course, they are asking for an apology.

Yesterday Minority Leader Boehner put out a video (see below) asking "Do you Feel Safer?"

The Hispanic Dems quickly responded staying the Minority leader and the Republicans were insulting ALL Latinos by including an image of them in the video.

In an article from The Hill it quotes Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.), chairwoman of the CHC as saying:

“It’s disrespectful to the hard-working Latinos across the nation, serving in every sector of our economy and on our military’s front lines,” Velazquez’s statement continued. “The CHC demands an apology from the Minority Leader for this insensitivity and that the video be removed immediately.”

I applaud the communications staff at CHC for their quick thinking and trying to play the minority card here but this is the reality: All the members of the CHC are Democrats. They all voted for President Obama. A vast majority of them support his policy, including ending the war as soon as possible, taking down Gitmo, and not using the word "terrorism," and millions of other things.

I think it is fair for the Republicans, as they make the case that they are stronger on national security issues, to claim that members of CHC, as part of the Democratic Party and its leader President Obama, are contributing in making our nation less safe. It has nothing to do with thier nationality, ethnicity or color of skin, just thier voting record.

See the video here, the Hispanic Congressional Caucus (Democrats) comes out at 1:11

The BHO White House keeps Cuba on the state sponsors of terror, for now

Today the Miami Herald's blog reported that the U.S. State Department still lists Cuba as a state sponsor of terror, but it is definitely on a path to play nice with the communist murdering dictator and company. The Herald called the language on the report "little less bellicose."

The report mentions the island ties with the FARC, ETA and harboring American felons. Read the rest of the MH post here: State Department: Cuba still a state sponsor of terrorism.

What gets me the most is their statement that Cuba can't be that bad beacuse little old Fidel has spoken publicly against the FARC. News flash people, Castro says one thing and does the other. Chavez is supporting the FARC and guess who is best buddy are, the Castro brothers.

Remember this world is a small place and meniacle, power hungry dictators stick together.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mexican President on Swine Flue

So I guess I am postpoining any trips to Mexico anytime soon. Here is what they are telling Mexicans.

What is "Conservative Enough"?: The Great GOP Debate

In the wake of the Arlene Specter scandal (the switch from R to D) journos have been going goo-goo-gaga trying to put their twist on what this means to the future of the Republican Party.

The New York Times wrote a piece, "GOP Debate: A Broader Party of a Purer One?". In the article they ask: "Should [the GOP] purge moderate voices like Mr. Specter and embrace its conservative roots or seek to broaden its appeal to regain a competitive position against Democrats?"

For too long I have felt that the Republican party was slowing moving down a slippery slope, defining, with much precision, what it meant to be a "Republican." I felt it first hand in the immigration debate. The nativists / enforcement only folks wanted to portray anyone and everyone that didn't agree with them 100% as a RINO (Republican In Name Only.) And then I saw it more and more.

For many the word Republican and conservative is interchangable. But they are not. Conservatives are part of the Republican party. The Republican party is a coaliton of center right organizations.

In the conservative movement there are hundreds of groups. Each one thinks they have the formula to define Conservatism and Republicanism. Each organization will quickly (and most assuredly) call you out the minute they don't like what you are doing. With thousands of score cards, ratings and press releases. These conservative groups let EVERYONE know who has been good and /or bad.

With President Bush's declining numbers and elections on the horizon it felt like there was a "RINO flu epidemic." People got scared and tried to "boost" their conservative credentials. No one wanted to catch the "RINO flu."

While I think these score cards and ratings have value. (and believe me I have done but out a few of them myself!) They sometimes measure a particular issue or subject matter. At times they don't do the elected official justice because its such a small spectrum of focus.

What happened to Specter is quite sad (though COMPLETELY selfish). I am worried some activists in the GOP want the party to become more about purity to conservative idealogy, than representing the voters and providing real ideas/solutions.

Politico reported: "Republican Senators .... blamed the Club for Growth for imposing a right-wing litmus test that chased Arlen Specter out of the Republican Party."

Specter's move was all about self-preservation. Toomey, the former head of Club for Growth, was most likely to win the Republican primary. Yet, most pollsters unanimously agree, Toomey can't win statewide in Pennsylvania. The CLEAR reason is he is not representative of the voters of that state, he is seen as too conservative.

So here goes the question, what is more important in a representative democracy?

In the New York Times piece, Senator Lindsay Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said: “We are not losing blue states and shrinking as a party because we are not conservative enough. If we pursue a party that has no place for someone who agrees with me 70 percent of the time, that is based on an ideological purity test rather than a coalition test, then we are going to keep losing.”

I agree with Senator Graham. You can't have a winning coalition and only allow a small group into the party (pun intended). We do need to stick to our core values of limited government, national security, and personal responsibility. Yet we must realize that in a two party system, in a nation as large as America, there will be differences. You pick the party that has more people you agree with and has less people you'd likely strangle to death.

Yesterday the American Spectator's Doug Bandow put up a post entitled "The Great GOP Debate." Basically the Bandow tries to make make that point that the GOP is not conservative enough.

I think the problem is not that the GOP is not conservative enough. The problem is not only have the Republican strayed away from their principles but they are seen as hypocrites. Even if people agree with us, they don't trust us.

We must stay true to our Republican principles, but more important we must be honest.

If loosing Spector put us on a path to honesty, so be it. But enough with the double speak and the name calling and lets get back to the business and winning back America.