Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Idiot of Tom Tancredo

Today I was watching Univsion's Al Punto, a Sunday morning news show. Some liberal Hispanics wanted to portray Republicans as anti-Hispanic, which is incorrect. The majority of Republicans support Hispanics and have similar values. The reality is there are stupid out of touch idiots in the GOP, and one is running for president (aka Tom Tancredo) , but this a minority in the party. The reality is his presidency is a HUGE long shot says alot about our country and the GOP.

Tom Tancredo is an idiot. This is proven by statements like these:

"Bilingualism is a great asset for any individual, but it has perilous consequences for a nation," Tancredo said.

Que CM!

While I completely belive that EVERY person planning on working and succcedding in this great nation MUST learn and speak English, Tancredo's statement of the evils of being multi-lingual is ridiculous.

America must compete in a global world. We must prepare ourselves to speak many languages. You can see how our lack of languages is even hurting us in the war on terror, where we do not have enough Arabic speaking Americans. YET this person who wants to run for President prefers we keep our heads in the sand and only speak English while the rest of the world competes against us. Bilingualism is not a peril for our society! Keeping ones culture is not a peril of our society! Ignorance is the problem. We in the Hispanic community must make sure we learn American culture (which we do! example ME) and and master the language, as do does every ethnic group in this country.

Speaking at a Spanish debate is not pandering, it's called communicating and using every opportunity. Maybe if Tancredo tried it, he wouldn't be in last place on every poll. But then again, his substance speaks for itself, and clearly the American people are not enchanted by this one trick pony.

And while I wanted to scream at some people speaking on "Al Punto," (and still do) I will focus now on watching the Univision debate tonight and relish in my happiness that I don't have to listen to the likes of Tom Tancredo. Instead I will focus on all the candidates who care about EVERY American voter, while still standing against illegal immigration and finding a real solution to the problem, care enough to talk directly to Hispanic voters.