Monday, February 02, 2009

rants... missing home...

So i am trying to get back into blogging. These days my mind is over taken by 2,000,000 thoughts and activities swiveling in my gray matter. Let see, between my new job, my new side business I am trying to start, moving into my new apartment, applying to grad school and trying to figure out my gringo boyfriend (that alone can give any Cuban girl a sirimba) I am, how would you say, overwhelmed.

As you can imagine the "arroz con mango" that is currently my brain is not a place most people would want to be in, or deal with.

I try to take it a day at a time. Deal with the curve balls live sends my way while living in a place I call "Gringo-landia" (a.k.a. anywhere in the US except Miami).

Sometimes I miss Miami more then one should. I would give anything for the warm sunshine and a cool ocean breeze while drinking a hot cafe con leche and tostada with lots of mantequilla. I'd be enjoying the warm company of my abuelos, parents and primos and talk of what I should do. They would give me more advise then I need. Tell me I am too fat or too skinny, or too something. They would bicker and laugh at each other, and me. I would go half insane and half loose it in fits of laughter and wonder why after 50 years in this country do we all still speak English with such thick accents. As much as I, or we, all occasionally complain of our loud over-bearing Latin families, there is nothing in the world better then the obnoxious loving questioning, the Spanish conversations, the familiar sound of radio Mambi's jingle as background noise and the sweet lingering smell of tabacco and cuban coffee.

So to my friends back home, cherish what you have.

For now I will just have to balance my sanity on long phone conversations while sitting under my painting of La Virgen de Caridad, sipping cafe and staring at pictures of my family.