Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NY - As "enlightened" as a broken bulb!

The front page of today’s The New York Sun has an article about New York’s Congressional Delegation, specifically their opposition to House resolution promoting democracy in Cuba. …

The 6 member group, all Democrats, led the opposition to the Resolution expressing America's solidarity with Cuba's opposition leaders for a Democratic Cuba. Some of the members were quoted saying they were just more “enlightened” (As Rep. Rangel stated) then the majority of their colleagues about issues of Cuba.

Clearly the Cuban American community of New York was enraged by their lack of foresight and understanding of the Cuban reality. I have no idea what kind of “enlightenment” Mr. Rangel is referring to, but he clearly doesn’t see the Cuba were poverty is abundant, were thousands are jailed for just thoughts, were an horrid apartheid system exist, and were millions turn to prostitution as the only way to make a descent living.

The resolution, (H. Res. 193) sponsored by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, and 54 other members of Congress, passed the House by overwhelming support with a vote of 392 to 22. Similar legislation has been passed in a number of international bodies.

This opposition to freedom comes at the heels of a historic meeting on the communist island by the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba, a gathering of over 300 groups in Havana to discuss, among other issues, fostering democracy in Cuba. This meetings in unparallel in Castro-Cuba history.

Yet these political leaders who feel better informed of Cuba, only show their ignorance when they speak. Rep. Rangel is quoted saying, that the current policy only "refuse[s] to give the government the respect that it deserves," he said.

Exactly what type of respect should a dictatorship receive? Should we extend them an olive branch each time they crack down on citizens hoping they will see the error of their ways after a “chat”…

Rep. Rangel would have you believe that dialogue with the tyrant Castro is better, saying of the Assembly, "I don't think it helps to be supporting insurgents overthrowing the government." He proposes "trying to reach out to the government to see what we can do to help both the government and people of Cuba, not just isolating them by dealing with dissidents."

Clearly Congressman! Go talk to Castro and he will say “thanks buddy, never seen it that way before, I think I’ll retire now!” ….. (que idiota!)

Some Members of Congress said they couldn’t support the Resolution because it labeled Cuba a “terrorist regime” and they were opposed to such language. Yet, Cuba is one of seven countries identified as state sponsors of terrorism by the State Department.

And you have some Members who are TRULY “enlightened” like Rep. Hinchey, saying "Castro is harmful to no one."

Amazing!..... We can find people all over the world who would not conquer with your assessment Mr. Hinchey – from the Cubans suffering in the island, the thousands of exiles living in the U.S.; the POWs of Morocco who were taken by the Polosario of Western Sahara (Algeria) fighting a guerilla war far funded by Castro; or the thousands who still suffer human torture in Cuba’s jails.

Shame on you Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem; Rep. Jose Serrano of the Bronx; Rep. Edolphus Towns of Brooklyn; Rep. Nydia Velazquez of Brooklyn, and Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens, and Rep. Maurice Hinchey, of Ithaca and the 22 nay votes

Total list of Nays:
Conyers, Farr, Hinchey, Jones (OH), Kilpatrick (MI), Kucinich, Lee, McDermott, McKinney, Meeks (NY), Miller, George, Olver, Paul, Payne, Rangel, Serrano, Stark, Towns, Udall (NM), Velázquez , Waters, Woolsey

You are an embarrassment to democracy and the ideals of this nation. Shame on you Representatives for enjoying the fruits of democracy while denying to stand up for those who are not allowed the privilege. Hopefully the people of New York will not forget your “enlightenment”. Yet I am more hopeful the people of Cuba will experience freedom in all its glory.

Viva Cuba Libre!

For the full article go to:
The New York Sun, May 17, 2005
By MEGHAN CLYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun

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