Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cuban Food In DC

umm Babalu made me hungry for Cuban food... being away from home in "gringo-landia" (as my family calls anything not Miami in the USA) it sometimes makes you really, really homesick for Mami's home cooking. Here are some Latin restaurants that include some Cuban comidita, they might not be the perfect, but it brings you a little closer to Cuban heaven...

  1. Banana Café & Piano Bar * 500 8th Street SE 20003 * 202-543-5906 * Capitol Hill (under a new chef, they make awesome sandwiches and a great stuffed yuca. The Miami Members of Congress love this place).
  2. Havana Café * 1825 First Street NW 20006 * 202-293-5303
  3. Cuban Corner Restaurant * 825 Hungerford Dr., Rockville, MD* 301-279-0310 (considered the best place for Cuban food in the Washington DC area)
  4. Cubano's * 1201 Fidler Lane, Silver Spring, MD * 301-563-4020 (owned by Cuban/Venezuelans, most dishes are great, others need a more authentic Cuban touch.)
  5. Lauriol Plaza * 1835 18th St. NW, Washington, DC * 202-387-0035 * Dupont Circle (owned by a fellow Cuban patriot. Most of the dishes are Mexican/Spanish but their Masitas de Puerco are amazing!!)
  6. Yuca * 1800 M Street NW, Washington DC * Farragut (nuevo-Cuban)
  7. Ceiba * 701 14th St NW, Washington, DC * (high class Nuevo-Cuban and Latin menu, very nice)
  8. Gua-Rapo * 2039 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209 * Phone: 703-528-6500 (dinner only, Latin, middle-eastern and Nuevo Cuban food)
  9. South Beach Restaurant & Bar * 7904 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD
  10. Caribbean Grill * 5183 Lee Hwy, Arlington * 703 241 8947 (Cuban sandwiches and picaditos)

I left one out on purpose - Don’t go to Havana Village in Adams Morgan. Not only does it have a big Che picture (crap) the Cuban Interests Section people hang out there, and we all know they suck.

Most of the time if I really want Cuban food I just go home and make it myself. If you are ever in town let me know, i might make you some of my famous arrozz con pollo.


Anonymous said...

I was dissappointed to learn that "Cubanos" caters Cuban Interests Section events (specifically, the bash sponsored by "Professionals in the City" last year. The one that some Tux-clad fellow mafiosi crashed with human rights fact sheets). Try Cuban Corner instead.

Eduardo said...

I'm going to try Cuban Corner tonight. I'm a visiting Cuban, generally stuck in Indiana, so any Cuban food would do me right. Ropa vieja, here I come!