Thursday, May 04, 2006

Living In DC and hating Socialist

Over the last few days I have been looking for a new place to live. I currently live up in upper DC close to Maryland. While the neighborhood is great and the rent is amazing, my roommate and I want something more local (downtown) and private (less roommates).

I am not sure what is up with DC lately but I've been meeting alot of crazy, Che loving, socialists.

Take today for instance. I went to go look at a house in the transitional neighborhood of Colombia Heights. The ad made the place look great. It was 4 blocks from the Metro (subway). A nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath private home with a little backyard. I thought it would be great. I called to make an appointment with the current tenant and she seemed very nice.

Early this morning I met her to see the house. She seemed friendly but not what I was expecting. She was a small-framed, thin, fair-skinned gringita apparently still in her work out clothes. Bikes were piled outside on the front porch and I scrambled through them to get into the house. As we began to examine the location there was anti-Bush propaganda, socialist posters, Signs for the black Panthers and a pop-art rendition of Che Guevera a'-la' Andy Warhol. I figured me telling her I had an event in the White House later in the day wouldn't score me any points.

Somehow I managed to bite my tongue as the house looked great. Part of me figured I can just get it sanitized later and hope any negative socialist tendencies will leave with the tenants. And then the girl showing me the house raised her arm to brush her hair out of her face. For a second I wondered if I was in some French film or was it that all Che loving socialist women find it empowering to not shave their armpits. (clearly I don't know any personally.) I tried not to make a face ( I can be VERY expressive). I managed to keep myself from looking down and noticing if the same fate was given to her legs.

We chatted more for a bit and she gave me an application form, printed on what she called scrap paper. The paper was the reverse side of some school paper, she is majoring as a social worker. I tucked the paper in my bag. Trying not to read it too much. I thanked her for her time and left the location.

I quickly read the "scrap paper" (aka school project). It was enough to make me a little sick. If she googles me up, for sure I will have no chance at the house. Me a pro-Bush, anti-communist, socialist hating capitalist.

For your pleasure here is a small blurb of the paper:

"Title: Building Socialism, Fighting Racism"
"I worked with the international Socialist Organization (ISO) to fight racism in Washington D.C., and to build a socialist movement that will be able to fight against all forms of oppression.... My work consisted of logistical community organizing of protest and demonstrations, flyering, weekly tabling, mobilizing contact, fundraising, and chairing ISO meetings. I prepared a talk and discussion on the Communist Manifesto .... ""

It goes on but as you can imagine I ran away screaming in my head...... poor idealistic little white girl who thinks all the worlds problems can be solved in a constantly failing experiment....

Long Live A Free Cuba!!!! Long Live Capitalism!!!

Oh yeah, i am still looking for a place to live.....

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