Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm Back

I'm BACK!!!

I am sorry that for almost two months I have been missing in action...

Much like a kid napped victim for the last few months I have been secluded to little whole in the wall, mainly my new office, as I started a new job with new people and not as much Cuba news as I once got.

But alas that has all changed. Here I go again delivering my version of Cuba news with a Washington twist... Well not always Cuba news but as a Cubanita I go for my passion, the mother land of Cuba, as Fransico Vicente Aguilera once said, "Sine patria no tengo nada!"

Viva Cuba Libre!!


Val Prieto said...

Coño, ya era hora! Welcome back!

Jzangroniz said...

Same here, Chico.
We need your voice out there.
Keep it going, loud and clear.
(Another cubiche in Washington)

Sirimba said...

Thanks for all the support guys. It means alot to me!!!!

Robert said...

Welcome back! I know how tough it is to keep on blogging when starting a new job. I haven't been able to blog at the same level as before when I started my new job 2 months ago.

Look forward to reading your DC insights.