Friday, December 16, 2005

Sometimes you got to laugh so you don't cry!

As part of my daily routine, I browse through the Cuba news via goggle. The first 15 post or so are about the baseball situation that has been very well covered by Babalu (great job by the way!) and then I hit this title: "UNICEF Praises Cuba's Child Protection Policy."

Clearly I clicked on it to see what information was the being presented as news. The poster, the Cuban government via AIN, of course provided "their version" of the truth (special emphasis on THEIR VERSION. But sometimes you got to laugh to keep your self from crying.

Cuba is a source country for children trafficked internally for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced child labor.

The AIN article cites that UNICEF has recognized Cuba for "the excellent protection of children by the Cuban government." .. The article also says that Cuba protects it's children against any type of violence and suffer maltreatment and exploitation.

This is appalling! Cuba is the same government that has one of the LARGEST ring of Child prostitution in the world. It constantly abuses the youth in Cuba for sexual reasons, promoting tourism through sexual tourism, and has a huge market for human trafficking, all with a focus on children.

The article states "there are no 'invisible" or excluded children, despite being located in Latin America -a region where the abysmal gap between rich and poor keeps on growing. " Of course there are no "invisible" children in Cuba! The socialist island makes sure to count each and every one of its slave (umm... I mean citizens). These children work in the fields, promote his propaganda and are part of circle of abuse, which tries to break their spirit and tries to pull families apart.

Cuban children are forced to work in the agriculture industry of the country for months at a time with no parent supervision, separated from the families starting around the age of 11 - 13.

It's amazing to me, and to many Cubans, that UNICEF praises a country that so clearly abuses of its most precious resources, its children.

We all hope one day the realities of Cuba will come to light to the entire world community.

Viva Cuba Libre!!


leftside said...

This is absurd. If you actually read the report you linked, you'd see they offer no data, have no evidence of "rings" and blame the problem exclusively on foreign tourists. Anyone who knows what's going on in Cuba knows the Government fights strenuously against prostitution (and does not "promote" it like you claim). There have been numerous crack downs and penalties vs. foreigners are very high.

Plus the situation in Cuba is unlike anywhere else. In Cuba it is more common for a John to pay for a date (dinner and dancing). Sex is more often not part of the deal and the power remains with the girl. Also the drug use and desperation that accompany prostitution in our cities does not exist.

Castro's police regularly stop anyone looking like their are looking for action and there have been a number of recent crack downs on the practice. Plus with the economic situation recovering after the "special period" the problem is much reduced. I did not see ANY action when I was there last year.

Robert said...


Can you please site your sources? Sirimba sited 2 of them, and it's only "right" if you back up your claims with sources of your own.

Seeing it yourself doesn't count, BTW.