Friday, May 01, 2009

The BHO White House keeps Cuba on the state sponsors of terror, for now

Today the Miami Herald's blog reported that the U.S. State Department still lists Cuba as a state sponsor of terror, but it is definitely on a path to play nice with the communist murdering dictator and company. The Herald called the language on the report "little less bellicose."

The report mentions the island ties with the FARC, ETA and harboring American felons. Read the rest of the MH post here: State Department: Cuba still a state sponsor of terrorism.

What gets me the most is their statement that Cuba can't be that bad beacuse little old Fidel has spoken publicly against the FARC. News flash people, Castro says one thing and does the other. Chavez is supporting the FARC and guess who is best buddy are, the Castro brothers.

Remember this world is a small place and meniacle, power hungry dictators stick together.

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