Thursday, May 07, 2009

Loretta Sanchez Facing Challenger

Loretta Sanchez, better known for her risque Christmas cards, and being called out by colleagues, might be facing a significant challenger in her next election.

According to C.Q. Politics Asian American Republican Van Tran announced Wednesday he is forming a 2010 exploratory committee to run against Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez in California's 47th District.

From C.Q.:

"I'm deeply concerned about our economy. California's unemployment is up 33 percent in the past five months, but we're not seeing solutions in Washington," Tran, a California assemblyman, said in a statement. "If I run for Congress, my first priority will be passing meaningful economic reforms to create more jobs and get Californians working."

Republicans in Washington have been working to recruit Tran for a congressional bid. Tran's election to the state assembly in 2004 made him the first Vietnamese-American in the country elected to a state legislature.

Officials in Washington (I am assuming the NRCC and RNC) hope that Tran will appeal tot he large Vietnamese constituency in the district, who are also strongly conservative Christians.

Sanchez, a Latina, whose sister is also in Congress, is whispered to be interested in running for the California Governor in 2010. But like usual, many are not taking her very seriously. She has taken no major steps toward seeking the mega office of California Governator. She isn't even a blimp in major statewide polls of the race.

George W. Bush narrowly carried the district in 2004. Shockingly Barack Obama received 60 percent of the vote in 2008. John McCain received 38 percent in CA-47.

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