Monday, May 04, 2009

Two cents on the House GOP video

On Friday i wrote about the CHC upset they were in a video with Barack Obama.

While I still feel they are fair game I wanted to add some additional thoughts on the content of the video.

When I first saw the video I really wasn't taken back. Nothing new to see. Republican saying they are stronger on national security has been a mantra for some time now. I thought the timing was odd but I was distracted by the CHC's objections

While speaking to some friends on the west coast they made me realize something crucial about the video. On top of the timing is odd, how is it really helpful? What does it add to the debate?

Clearly liberal Hispanic/ Latinos have used it to their advantage. They have successful branded it as another example on how the "evil-privileged" GOP is demonizing the "poor-humble" democratic Latinos. While this is hog wash, the message got repeated in Spanish media.

At the end this is a message war. While I applaud the House GOP on trying to get ahead and be pro-active creating a video, they have to be more critical on what they are doing and think of every possible angle. And be more relevant to the current debate (i.e. economy!) It's not easy, but it could help if they diversified their staff a bit. Just sayin'.

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