Thursday, January 05, 2006

Always looking over the ocean

Happy New Year] all!!!

My short pause away from blogging was caused by my trip home to Miami.

There is nothing in the world like being home. And when that home combines warm sunny beaches, cool tropical breezes, great food and the people you love it's like heaven.

In the last three years I might have flown back and forth from Miami to DC about 20 times. Not only do I get home sick, but thankfully work sends me to Miami pretty often. Yet no matter how many times I fly over the Atlantic on my way to South Florida, each time I stare determined into the ocean's water. I look over every wave, every spot, always looking, just in case, I see a balsero.

Balsero's those brave men and women who risk life and limbs to reach the DRY lands of the United States.

Reports estimate that 6 Cubans die EACH DAY fleeing the Cuban island.

I have met many in my life. Even have some family members who arrived here on balsa. Unfortunately I have also been to many of their funerals, as most of them die at sea. Most of them never to be found again.

From hundreds of miles above the sea my little eyes look over the ocean wondering if I will spot one. Sometimes I think, if I did spot one, would I even say anything. Part of me thinks yes, so they can be saved but knowing the policy as it is now, if they get picked up by the Coast Guard, goodness knows what will happen. Most probably they will be sent back to Cuba.

I pray for these people and for the safe voyages. It's amazing to me to know that while some risk everything to leave Cuba, some tourist waste thousands to vacation there...

A prayer for the brave balseros, may the lord protect them on their voyage.

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