Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why you wont hear "ethics" reform from the Dems...

While the dems are scramabling to figure out how to attack the President one attack you won't find to often is "ethics reform." Democrats will breeze over the issue and you will hear buzz words like "culture of curruption" but don't let them fool you! Many House and Senate Donkey lovers have ties to high power lobbiest, like Jack Abramoff and many more- see http://www.noagenda.org/

So while Dems will be quick to point the finger now, they will do it quickly becuase they are to blame just as much as thier "friends" on the other side of the aile.

And while we are on the subject on lobbyist and things of the such, I think this issue has been blown up ALOT. While I understand and believe their are those who abuse the system and they have to be punished - this is not the majority of Members of Congress and staffers. I believe this is one of those issues the powers-that-be have used to devide poltiicians from thier constituents the "inside the beltway" people versus the rest of humanity. It really isn't that bad people are making it a big deal becuase of politics!

It's an election year, every and i mean EVERY issue, is going to be exaggerated for political reasons, so Americans be careful and read between the lines.

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