Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Before I analyze...

Before I analyze the President's State of the Union speech, a few observations...

1 - Why was Senator Clinton chewing gum????

  • Luce como una vaca!! Didn't her mother teach her anything?
  • She also gave a stupid smirk when President Bush made a comment that two of Pres. Bush (41) were hitting medicare age - Clinton and himself
  • As long as I am talking about Medicare, what was up with the crazy reaction from the Dems when W said "congress did not act on fixing social security." What are the Dems proud they are letting the government go ot the gutter becuase of partisan politics?

2 - Did Representative Corrine Brown (D-FL) steal Bjork's swan dress?? I think she killed a bird and placed it around her neck?

  • Rep. Brown is a representative for the Jacksonville area - yes I am embarrassed she is from my state - she is probably the stupidest member of Congress I have ever met and the tackiest.
  • Too bad Celia Crus isn't around to teach a thing or two about how to whear crazy wigs. Rep. Brown's wigs are always about to fall off her head.
  • In the past Rep. Brownhas accused Hispanics as "looking all the same." During her rampage on then Secretary Noriega she was swaying her head so fast, her bad wig almost fell off her head.

3 - Was Maxine Waters' butt super glued to her chair? Because the liberal California practically communist Representative never stood up. I think I saw her staring at her nails?

  • I really do think Rep. Waters may be a card carrying member of the socialist party - if not a full on communist sympathizer. In my old jobs I use to get calls from people that lived in her area all the time saying to help them, that she was a crazy commuinist... if only I could do something I would... where is McCarthy when you need him?
  • She supports Castro and is one of the dilusional people who think he is great! BLAH!!)

4 - A bigger question - Why are the same member of Congress who talk smack about President Bush on "the floor of Congress" push through their colleagues to get a picture with the President and to hob-nob with him in private??

  • All I have to say is - Hypocrites!!

5 - Did you hear that Cindy Sheehan was arrested right before the State of the Union speech for protesting inside the House Gallery?

  • Sheehan had a poster and was planning on disrupting the speech - Which is against the rules of the House of Representatives.
  • Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) gave Sheehan a ticket to the speech, seated in Gallery 5, seat 7, row A. Sheehan was offered the ticket at an "alternative state of the union" press conference by CODEPINK, a group pushing for an end to the Iraq war. CODEPINK organizes trips to Cuba to defy US policy and as they say to "party in Cuba" -- see my old post "Stupid Pinkos")
  • Rep Woosley supports Fidel Castro and ALWAYS supports legislation to end the embargo!

6 - I think Judge Samuel Alito has the "best first day on the job" story ever!!!

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