Monday, January 30, 2006

Tancredo wants to wear a speedo in Miami!!

Immigration is the hot topic these days. Unfortunately a big part of the debate is created by Rep. Tancredo! (BLAH!!!!) The Republican from Colorado is an extremist who want to close ALL immigration to the country and deport every immigrant - most specifically Hispanic (Mexicans and OTM- Other Then Mexicans) back to their country.

This small minded man does have one redeeming quality, he loves the Cuban News Ticker outside of the US Interest Section in Havana. Rumor has it, he may even author a resolution supporting the news ticker. Supposedly he is all about Freedom for Cuba.....

But I don't trust this immigrant hater - I think he figures with Cuba free he can get rid of at least 3% of the Hispanic population in the United States and clean up Miami so he and his family (who are only second-generation Italian) can visit South Florida with out all of his "exotic people." I bet he is dying to wear a speedo on Miami Beach along with all the other wired tourist...

But with no latins around, who will wait on your over privileged white @ss???

I bet he is praying that Puerto Rico never becomes a state of the U.S.

The immigration bill, which already passed the House of representatives, is set to be debated in the Senate between President's Day and St. Patrick's Day.

So get ready folks, its going to get nasty.


Val Prieto said...

Sheesh. The visual of Tancredo in a Speedo is just way too much. I may never go to the beach again.

Anonymous said...

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