Thursday, February 09, 2006

blogging from CPAC

CPAC - the Conservative Political Action Convention is the largest meeting of conservatives in the nation. I am overwhelmed my the number of young people here at the convention. A few highlights and low lights:

- I LOVED the the many booths of anti-socialism shirts, like the Che with Micky ears. Got to love it.

- I HATED meeting Congressman Tancredo. This very narrow minded congressman is the worst thing ever to happen to the Republican party. I met him in a small group and he greated everyone else, EXCEPT ME!! He knew nothing about me, but looking at me you can tell I am Hispanic. I forced an introduction and he politely smiled. I think he wiped his hand afterwords. Once on stage he advocated stripping citizenship rights to children born in this country of illegal parents. UGGHHHH!!!!! Can someone please knock some sense into him??

Tonight is a dinner with VP Chaney... we will see how that goes

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