Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cuba and State of the Union

I have been reading many of the blogs and seen the reaction of the Cuban-American community to the Bush speech. In fact I work with lots of Hispanic Republicans and the outcry has been a little overwhelming.

As a Cuban American I was praying that President Bush would say Cuba when listing the tyrannies of the world. But he didn't. Yet I am not upset because I know he hasn't totally forgotten about us.... While some are about to club me with a big stick let me remind you that allt he rage on all these blogs is the Cuba News Ticker... we constantly talk about its message of freedom... so where did the money to build it come from? .... The Administration and this President...... The government is spending millions of dollars on TV and Radio Marti... where does that money come from? ... the administration..... The government is providing money to help the dissents in Cuba, the government is taking a hard stand against Fidel Castro... Mind you my friends it is not an easy task THE MAJORITY OF THIS WORLD is against the embargo and the president continues it because he believes in our cause.

As an ex-member of capitol hill staff I can tell you what an uphill battle is sometimes is to convince people to stand on the right side of Cuba. We have that leverage only cuz THE PRESIDENT STANDS WITH US..... so instead of the stupid messages I get from Cubans saying they are leaving the Republican party because Bush did not spend 1.2 seconds and say Cuba (Believe me I wish he would have!) Lets instead follow Babalu's advice. Educate more people around the world about Cuba. Make it a priority to them. Tell them it is not this lovely island paradise.

I know I will get some reaction about the wet-foot dry foot policy but that is a very special topic I will talk about another day. But I do have one advice for the Cuban people. Instead of screaming only at Bush why didn't the entire community ask for the resignation of the Coast Guard Chief of something to that affect... Other communities would have done that. Still scream and Bush but call for action that he can actually do quickly.... Again I will talk about wet-foot dry foot another day.

Many Cubans wish that many years ago we could have kicked Fidel's butt but yet this has not happened. We have to work with what we got if not we are never going to get any where just keep on preaching to the choir.

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Val Prieto said...

We have to work with what we got if not we are never going to get any where just keep on preaching to the choir.

My sentiments exactly. Gracias, Sirimba.