Saturday, February 11, 2006

Novak, Bolton and Kirkpatrick OH MY!

Last post on CPAC....

Friday night was just about Cuban praise I also got to meet Robert Novak, Ambassador Kirkpatrick, Ambassador John Bolton and many more (Delay, Gov. Perry, etc...)

When I introduced myself to Ambassador Kirkpatrick I thanked her for all her work on behalf of the Cuban people and her dedication to our cause. She shock my hand and said she did love us very much and then she hailed over Ambassador Bolton saying, "John, this is a Cuban-American come over and meet her."

I think at that moment I had to pinch myself. As I greeted the both of them and got a picture I must say, I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

Novak was larger then life. He is a robust man with a deep voice. Each feature on his face appears to be sculpted in with depth and purpose. That night at CPAC he was to be honored and Sam Donaldson was going to present him. I had a chance to pose for a picture with both and did so, but Novak wasn't excited, he tells me, loudly, "He shouldn't be here!' (Donaldson that is)... it was all in jest as the two reporters have known each other for years....

another great night at CPAC.

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