Friday, February 10, 2006

the creator of Che-Mart

During CPAC I met the founder and creator of Che-Mart. ( As he promoted his shirt with slogan's of Che followed with the words "Murdering Communist Bastard," I was taken away by his accent- his IRISH accent.

Yup the guy who made bashing Che a comical art form is a tall Irish fellow who hates communist just as much as the group of Alpha 66 members hanging out on Calle 8.

We had a great chat and shared a wonderful story when he dressed up as communist during a Kerry for President Rally in New York.

He dressed as Fidel Castro and his friend dressed up like Che and carried signs something like "follow France", "bring down unemployment", "withdraw from Iraq" and many people clapped for them and many members of Kerry's team even asked to take pictures with them... it wasn't until a long while later that some people finally noticed that the dressed up communist were actually infaltrators.

And P.S. he reads Babalu all the time...

I got to meet the Che-Mart maker via another great idea, Contra Cafe ( The coffe is a product of Nicaragua's former Contras - freedom fighters who fought against the Sandinistas in the 1980s. Today, these former freedom fighters struggle to get by on the profits from their coffee farms. Support them and buy their coffee today!!!

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