Monday, March 20, 2006

'7 Mile Bridge' Cubans To get Immigration Papers

According to Miami CBS News 4 the 14 Cubans who reached land by landing on the 7 mile bridge ave been approved entry into the U.S.!!! (It's about time!! But the sad reality is what are the chances that castro allows the 14 to leave the island? It is a very sad reality that we must all face....)

Full story below

(CBS4 News) MIAMI --The Cubans denied entry to the US because they landed on a pier of the old 7-mile Bridge instead of on actual US soil are on step closer to returning to the land the were trying to reach.

A federal judge has approved an agreement granting the 14 Cuban migrants entry into the United States.The 14 Cubans, all of whom were repatriated to their homeland after decisions by the US Coast Guard and US Immigration officials, will be given proper immigration papers within ten days of the judge's approval of the agreement.

In return, the US government will drop its planned appeal of the judge's ruling that the Cubans had legitimately reached American shores at the bridge and that they had been illegally returned to Cuba.

The agreement also requires that the judge vacate his previous order against the U-S government, removing a potential legal precedent for lawyers to use against federal officials in future Cuban immigration controversies.

There are still no guarantees that Cuba will let the group leave the island. The Cubans thought they reached their destination in January when their boat landed at an abandoned bridge in the Florida Keys. Federal lawyers had argued that the bridge did not count as dry land because sections of the bridge are missing and it no longer connects to U-S soil. The U-S "wet foot/dry foot" policy calls for most Cubans who reach U-S soil to be allowed to stay, while those intercepted at sea are generally returned to Cuba.

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