Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thank you Matt Drudge

On today's Drudge Report, front and center is a huge picture of Fidel Castro with the tag line reading: Former aide spills the dirt on Fidel Castro...

The Drudge Report maybe one the most read news bloggs in the country. EVERYONE reads it.

The tag line links to a good story about Fidel's ex body guard. The body guard, Fernandez, who appears regularly on Oscar Haza and channel 41 in Miami, talked about some Cuban realities like:

"What happened was, the course he took with the revolution was wrong. It has dissolved into this unstoppable, insatiable corruption without limits, a vast lie. The people are in misery. Cuba's people have been enslaved as cheap labor for foreign businessmen.''

The article appeared in today's Miami Herald (link below). Hopefully more people will learn the horrible truth about Cuba!!.

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Melek said...

Great! But ... let's hope that Drudge takes notice of another important story ... that of Guillermo Farinas, the Cuban Journalist, who's on a hunger strike to protest Castro's oppression and denial to internet access ...

I wish you well,