Thursday, July 28, 2005

BLAH!!!! Journalists for Jim defede

Are you kidding me... This must be a hoax, like a "Free Katie" or something .... Who are these people kidding me.... "Jim represents the finest journalism values: inquisitiveness, commitment to community, and determination to hold figures in power accountable for their actions." -- Journalists for Jim defede ... is this a nice way to say he is a huge SOB but forgive him because he is a journalist??

In addition I love how some people blame all wired things on the "Miami Cuban Mafia" ... On a popular web page, one post on stated:
"Miami Heat" -- The taping incident gave the Herald editors an easy public excuse for firing him, but I suspect that privately a big part of the reason was the heat they got from the local Cuban-American extremists because of DeFede's columns on Cuba, Luis Posada, etc.
.... It's amazing how an incident with an African-American politician and other non-Cubans is still blamed on the Cuban American community!!! Thanks for the props, we wish we where that powerful to just take out anyone we wanted, maybe we should see what we can do about that pesky Fidel character....

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