Friday, July 29, 2005


Oliver Stone is planning to do a movie on President G.W. Bush for “misusing” his powers…. He cites that Bush has busted the economy……

People like Stone aggravate me…He is an extreme leftist who hangs out with communist. He once said about Fidel Castro, ”[Castro] is very warm and bright… a very driven man, a very moral man. He’s very concerned about his country. He selfless in that way.”……

Oliver Stone said this about a tyrannical dictator who has hundreds of political prisoners, oppresses his country and allows the largest ring of child prostitution in the world. If Oliver Stone was born in Cuba, he would probably be thrown in jail, beaten to death and heavily tourted for his comments about his country’s president….. But thankfully Stone was born in the U.S., a place where you can openly speak your mind…. Lucky him!!

Stone is just like the hundreds of extreme-liberals whose main point of contention against Bush is “He’s an idiot and a complete moron.” These convincing and eloquent points for debate fascinate me, but let’s look at other facts. September 11th devastated the American economy. Yet, we haven’t gone through any large scale financial situation in the country. No major depression or recession that has truly affected American lives. We are a country at war, but exactly how many of us notice it, other then seeing some reports on the news. In general we have all lived our lives pretty normally. Yes, their have been financial strains in thousands of American families, but things are getting better. The economy continues to rise and just early this month the dollar rose against the euro and climbed to an 11-month high versus the yen.

Can things be better? Of Course. Can they be worse? HECK YEAH… but we are doing amazingly well for all the horrible things that we have been faced with…..


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