Thursday, July 28, 2005

Herald columnist Jim DeFede fired over taped phone call

The Miami Herald's Jim DeFede was fired for illegally taping a conversation with ex-Miami Commissioner Art Teele.

Can you hear the clapping all the way from Miami???

I don't want to be a horrible person, but his departure from the Herald is not only a victory for righteousness, but for all normal human beings. He wrote many stories that bended the truth and tried to destroy people's lives. Amazingly some believe his "investigative reporting" has calmed down from his earlier years. I can only imagine the stories he once penned. Defede’s twisted columns made plenty in the South Florida community upset. His picture, well..... 07/28/2005 Herald columnist Jim DeFede fired over taped phone call

Defede illegally tape corded Teele who committed suicide in the Miami Herald building on Wednesday afternoon. Teele, who was involved in public corruption charges, sex scandals, financial problems and much worse (see the Miami Times article), was on his way to talk to Defede about the article when he committed suicide

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Robert said...


It's no surprise that DeFede came from the New Times, although his articles there were much worse than what he wrote for the Herald. He actually showed some potential to be less biased with the Herald, due in large part to his bosses trying to reign him in a little. Still, his character assassinations (his fans call them the truth) for the sake of being an SOB really got to me in the end.

Unfortunately, he's pretty popular here in Miami, especially among the "anti-Cubans" which there are plenty of.