Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Hill's 50 Most Beatutiful

Today The Hill published their annual, 50 Most Beautiful. The listing, a collection of pictures and stories of Capitol Hill workers, lobbyist and general "Hill" folk is a fun and highly read piece by many government junkies. Since the news broke out that the list was going to be published, dozens of bloggers have been bashing the "50" and all possible "winners." Repeatedly stating DC is the "Hollywood for the Ugly."....... Can anyone please be a little bit more creative! …How many times can you use one phrase! ….. Granted I am from Miami and the general look of the people of DC isn't exactly what I am use to on the beaches of Florida. But there are dozens of gorgeous, attractive people in Washington D.C. They may not all look like the super models but what work place does, not even in a model agency is everyone drop dead gorgeous, even they have the over weight photographer and the “Elegant looking-wish-I-was-hot” executives.

The reality is that most of the people who move to DC are the best of the best; they were class presidents, beauty queens, and general over achievers. They flock to DC with their overwhelming resumes and find a home in a city of like minded people (on one side of the spectrum or another). Many D.C. offices are filled with HOT staffers, walk into the Rules Committee office for example…

These haters need to get off their Blogging high horse and take a good look in the mirror, would you even be nominated to the list, hmmm... probably not, you probability moved to DC thinking it was the "Hollywood for the Ugly" and thought your chances were a little bit better in this town..... With comments like yours maybe people think DC is an ugly town because it's full of bitter, self-involved people, loathing in their own pity, who can't brake out for a moment to be happy for other people's success…

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