Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Delay Update --- Rep Blunt to serve dual roles

Right now GOP leaders are meeting in the Conference figuring out who will lead the party in the House. According an article from Congress Daily Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri is expected to serve dual roles, temporarily taking over the duties of Majority Leader Tome Delay.

There were early reports that Drier would take over the reigns of leader but those rumors have now fallen flat. (this may have been caused by some party leaders who disapprove of Drier.) In the hierarchy of House politics, Blunt is the next in line and is the safest and more likely choice. Most people believe Delay stepping down is only temporary.

All decisions must be made by the Speaker who is scheduled to speak now.

GOP Conference just got out. Blunt is now taking over the responsibilities of Majority Leader. No titles are being given, only people will be taken on more on their plates but no changes in power structure will take place. This is also a huge disappointment for Drier whose name was so prevalent as the next Leader, even if temporary. – I guess Lincoln Diaz-Balart will stay as Vice Chair of Rules. We will just have to wait another day to see the rise of Cuban power in Congress…

National Journal's CongressDailyPM

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