Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just because he is too funny not to share! - Carlos Mencia

Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to see a show of the amazing comedian Carlos Mencia. Mind you its probably the 5th show I have seen him live (in addition to his new show on Comedy Central.)

The edgy Hispanic comedian, whose parents are Mexican and Honodurian, is one of 18 kids (yes 18!!!! Aye Mama!) His jokes are reflective of the entire Hispanic community and are in no way politically correct - as he says he speaks the truth. He calls all people hailing from a country with the Spanish Language in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean as a "beaner" as we all eat Beans. He understands that the different communities have problems with the labels of Hispanic or Latin or Central American or whatever - so we are all Beaners, but you understand he says it as a joining word.

He is patriotic, honest and refreshing. What you miss on his Comedy Central show is his lessons at the end of his live shows - telling people to be real, for Hispanics to empower themselves, to get an education, and for all the communities to unite. Telling us all we are an amazing, growing and strong force that make great change.

I love Carlos Mencia and happy the rest of the country is discovering this amazing talent!!!

Check him out!! Carlos Mencia

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