Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We Kill Commies, We Don't Vote for Them

Yesterday in a very unlikely vote Congress rejected approving the naming of a US postal office in honor of a liberal activist and communist sympathizers, Maudelle Shirek

In a vote 215-190 vote they shot down the Democratic resolution and Republican Congressman made it very clear they were NOT going to honor someone with such radical ideals... WOOHOOO....House rejects naming post office after Berkeley activist


Chris Clarke said...

What an incredible, ignorant idiot you are.

Professors Gone Wild said...

"I am Shocked that this is going on here."
Gambling scene from the movie "Casablanca."
How could they not honor this Commie, when other U.S.-hating and denouncing Commies like Frida Khalo and Paul Robeson have their images on U.S. Postage stamps! Robeson even had his passport denied by the State Department and sang for Khrushchev at his Moscow birthday party. It's Bush's fault! I'm about to have an old-fashioned Cuban sirimba.
Just wait till the Democrats control Congress again. They will not only give Shirek her right deserve but will also name other public buildings after dead "peace activists" Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeehahahahaaaw, great. Good to see that US still hates commies.

Kill a commie for mommie.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible, ignorant, commie-shithead chris clarke is.

Anonymous said...