Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good Day for Cubanitos Everywhere!

It's official! Miami native Marco Rubio is Speaker of the Florida House!

This young (34 year old) and good looking Cuban-American is a rising star in Florida politics. Son of Cuban exiles, he has been taking center stage for years. During the last Bush Presidential campaign, many more people noticed his energy, eloquence and political power.

I remember being in Washington D.C. and my mother calling me to ask – “Do you know Marco Rubio? He is amazing!!” after she heard him give a speech at a Bush rally in South Florida…. A few weeks later while working on the Bush Campaign in Miami I heard him on the stump. It was then that I understood what the hoopla was all about!

Many campaign volunteers asked about Rubio. They were marveled by his charisma and presence. Most of them hailed from anywhere but Florida and had never heard of him, but they knew they won’t forget him.. During the campaign up-and-coming politicians were always buzzing around the various head quarters and rallies, but when Rubio took the microphone he stood out.

Rubio is the first Cuban-American Speaker of the House and is also, the second-youngest to hold the position. He is the first Miami legislator to become Speaker in 35 years. Rubio takes over for Panama City’s Allan Bense (R).

Gov. Jeb Bush has somewhat tapped Rubio to follow in his footsteps, with his aggressive agenda, taking on controversial issues and pushing people’s buttons.

In an emotional and energetic speech Rubio, broadcasted in Cuba via Radio Marti, accepted his nomination. During his acceptance, Rubio presented his colleagues with “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future” asking them to fill the pages of the hard-bound blank book with ways to make Florida better, so that all Floridians can ``achieve financial security and leave for their children a better life than their own.''

Hear the Radio Marti Clip (Spanish)

UPDATED: Check out 26th Parallel's post on Maro Rubio for an example of the State Rep's style.

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