Thursday, September 01, 2005

God Bless,....they will survive

Donate today to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Go to the Catholic Charities at or help the American Red Cross

Help our fellow Americans.

In the midst of the largest and worst natural disaster people around the world find it necessary to say that America and New Orleans had it coming. They state we are a country of exaggeration and waste and New Orleans a city famous for booze, lude behavior and gambling… All I have to say is - Preposterous! If you need a sign, just look to Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter where a Jesus Christ statue proudly stands. No water lay at its feet. It was not toppled to the ground. Even after the worst catastrophe hits its home, it grandly stands on its dry pedestal as a beacon for the faithful. Even Bourbon Street, the headquarters of Mardi Gras, all the streets are dry.

The Jesus Christ statue might have lost two fingers, caused by a falling tree. Yet like the city of New Orleans, it is broken but not destroyed. It may be hurt, but it remains strong and ever present. They will not be forgotten or abandoned. The lord is watching over you and things will work out. Thought it’s hard to understand it now, in this world wind of events and catastrophes, everything happens for a reason and we must look for happiness in the smallest of things.


Just wanted to say I don't support all the looting. I do understand looting for food and water. People need essentials. People are despearate. But those people who have looted televisions, and going into people's homes, this is not acceptable. In fact its despecable. Where exactly are they going to go with electronic appliances when EVERYTHING is covered with water. I agree with Peggy Noonan on this one, read her article at the Wall Street Journal

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