Thursday, September 15, 2005

US jobless claims at 10-year high

URGH!! US jobless population at an all time high, the reason Hurricane Katrina….

The Labor Dept. said 71,000 people signed up for benefits last week- 68,000 of those DIRECTLY claimed Katrina. These numbers are significantly higher then after the Sept. 11 terror attack.

In no time the left is going to start blaming Bush and the Republican Party for the effects of this natural disaster -- because CLEARLY Bush developed the hurricane with his personal secret stash of WMDs to directly attack New Orleans, because he hates blacks, and didn’t want to give any more money to the projects (section 8 housing)! CLEARLY!!!

Tada! – Bush’s master plan of getting more Republican states…. now Louisiana is clear of most of the black people and of the highly democrat population of pre-Katrina citizens that don’t’ want to come back and will now be back as Southern Republican state, as we all knew that all the Dems live in NOLA and this was all part of his really big master plan --- these crazy ideas are from the same people that say Bush is an idiot! If he can come up with all of this, he definitely isn’t an idiot! He’s a genius!

I can already hear the floor speeches and the angry squawking on morning television blaming Bush on the lack of job growth, while I will be growling about their lack of common sense! I’m sick of all these stupid conspiracy theories. People have to stop with all the finger pointing and find solutions…

BBC NEWS | Business | US jobless claims at 10-year high

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