Wednesday, August 24, 2005

31 Cuban migrants feared dead

It was is being called the deadliest migrant boating accident in years -- the Coast Guard is still looking for 31 missing Cubans in the Florida Straits. The exiles left Cuba on Aug. 10 backing the 10 passenger speedboat with 34 people. The boat capsized 30 minutes after living Cuba. Three Cubans - two women, one man - was rescued by an Antiguan merchant ship, 30 miles north of Matanzas, Cuba.

We pray for these brave souls! May the lord watch over them and their families....

It is beyond me how people don't understand, while Cubans die to leave others pay to go to this "paradise"..... If it really was so wonderful why are so many risking their lives to get out of hell!

As my boss would say, most people lack common sense!!! | 08/24/2005 | 31 Cuban migrants feared dead

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