Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan being used by the left?

Today Cindy Sheehan decided to leave the president's Texas Ranch. Unfortunately her mother has had a stroke and she is going to be at her side.

I can only imagine what this woman is going through. For days she has placed herself outside of the President's Crawford home asking to see the President for a second time to talk about the war. Her conviction for the cause must be great, as she sees the rest of her world crumble in front of her: her husband and childhood sweetheart is divorcing her, her surviving son has asked her to come home and the rest of her family came out stating they don't support her. Add to this her most recent personal tragedy.

The support for this mother has come like an avalanche groups like, Operation Pink and Michael Moore - desperate to have a real, pull-at-your-heart-strings figure to be the face of the anti-war movement. Hundreds of gathered with her…. Hundreds others have gathered against her.

For the last few weeks the media has played up, in its usual exaggerated way, the possibility of this mother leading a new Vietnam style Anti-War movement. Headlines have pushed saying like: the GOP should be scared and various editorials have come out about support or opposition for Sheehan. Her face has been everywhere. And the Bush haters of the world couldn’t be happier.

Part of me feels apprehensive to criticize a women going through so many tragedies, but I am also apprehensive to be tolerant of her radical positions. She has called the President the greatest terrorist. And sometimes has been so obsessed with the issue – updating her blog daily, doing various media interviews each day and making more statements outside the scope of the death of her son. It makes you wonder…… The possible death of her mother was too much and she has run to her side. I pray for her and her family that may find peace.

Clearly Cindy Sheehan has a lot of rage, hate and grief. But she must understand that not all people in her same position feel that way. She speaks for a few but not all of those effected by this war. I hope that she does not become a vechile for what many left extremist want – a huge anti-war movement – it would only destroy this country and more importantly destroy the men and women Ms. Sheehan says she is protecting. God Bless our soilders.

Also read Linda Chavez opinion on the entire situation.

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