Friday, August 12, 2005

Que Viva Hialeah - Us Cuban are always "Right" - sometimes

Hialeah, Florida was ranked the 4th most conservative city in the country. 08/12/2005 Hialeah tallies fourth on 'right' stuff list

It still amazes me at times the political situation in Miami. It is a city with one of the largest social-economic gaps in the country; with a larger number of registered Democrats over Republicans, and yet manages to vote conservative on important issues. A city which votes for Republican Presidents and has three Republican members of Congress. No other large urban area can boast such statistics.

While working on the recent Bush campaign in Miami, I saw the fervor and dedication of my fellow Hispanic Republicans. Their passion for the party and our President was motivational and made the long hours all worth it.

In Washington D.C., Hispanic Republicans are as common as cold days in Miami. They exist, just not to many of them. Hispanic Democrats are boggled by the existence of Spanish speaking GOP-ers. Polls like this make my day.

Hispanics are a complicated group of people. We are not one race, or one unified culture. We are mixture of people from hundreds of background joined together by language and tradition.

The Hispanics in Miami come from countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezula, to name a few... Many of them came to the U.S. because their countries had leftist dictatorships - Fidelistas, Sandinistas, Chavistas. They left because they believed in freedom to choose their own destiny, hard work and an open market and society. They come together in Miami, joined by their common language, strong moral character and conservative nature to push forward. They have made the best of their situations and have made Miami a huge prosperous city.

Miami is equally divided with Conservatives and Liberals. The list didn't have Miami in the top 100 on either political side. Yet, no one can not deny, Miami is a city full of passion, hot blooded people and more opinions then drops of water in the ocean, we all seem to live in harmony. ... well sometimes......

UPDATED: ReadThe Cuban American Pundit's letter to the Editor published in The Miami New Times ---

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