Monday, August 15, 2005

Iran and Cuba to issue joint stamp

Iran and Cuba just announced they will issue a joint stamp in order to foster bilateral cooperation.

Though a stamp may appear to be a simple gesture to show collaboration, this latest show of cooperation is just another tie between these two nations. Theses countries have had worked closely since the 1980s and are both on the U.S.A.’s list of terrorist nations.

Not surprisingly Cuba called for the creation of trilateral ties between Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.
Is anyone really surprised these countries are working together?

Goodness forbid that Castro do anything by himself these days without his sugar daddy and best friend Chavez. Just as Iran's new administration is appointing more hard liners and anti-west cabinet members, they align themselves with two of the worlds biggest opponents to the U.S.A. - Cuba and Venezuela. Iran and Cuba to issue joint stamp

What is next for these countries….. We must learn from the past to better understand the future.

In May 2001 Fidel Castro visited Iran and was greeted with the highest level of honor by the Islamic Republic. What followed the landmark visit was three days of talks on how to bolster ties between the nations, deal with the each countries US-imposed unilateral embargoes and general American bashing.

Before leaving the Iranian capital Castro and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Khatami, affirmed that the trip had been "very constructive." During a meeting with Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Castro, Khamenei proposed an "Irano-Cuban cooperation" against the United States.

"Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees. The US regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness from close up," Castro affirmed.

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