Friday, August 26, 2005

Cuba Blames US for Deaths at Sea


Fidel Castro is blaming the US government for the death of 31 Cubans who died at sea trying to reach American soil. Cuban officials site the Cuban Adjustment Act, which gives Cubans practically automatic residency once they reach shore (due to the wet foot dry foot policy).... HOW RIDICULOUS IS THIS!! .... Castro oppresses his people, forces them to live in poverty, misery and constant fear, but its the US fault they died trying to reach freedom... Maybe if Cuba was a free and open society, as it claims to be, people won't be dying to leave.... All Cubans know the odds, only 1 in 3 make it to the US. Cuban know they will most likely die, but they risk their lives anyway. "Viva Cuba Libre, Viva Christo Rey"

VOA News - Cuba Blames US for Death of Migrants

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