Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush signs CAFTA-DR; Venezuela's Chavez says CAFTA 'perverse'

Today Bush signed CAFTA-DR.

For anyone still on the fence if CAFTA-DR is a good or bad idea, here is one more push for the “Pro” direction.

Venezuelan “President” Hugo Chavez called the trade agreement "perverse.” He claimed it would “hurt the Latin American nations.” … Shocker! … Chavez opposed to an agreement that would align various Latin nations with the U.S.A. and bolster democracy, economic opportunity and reform in those nations….

For the last four years the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic have been in talks with the United States over this trade deal. Anyone visiting Washington D.C. or Capitol Hill could see dozens of official delegations for Latin America swarming the halls trying to convince Members of Congress to vote for CAFTA. These countries want this trade agreement! They need this trade agreement!

CAFTA-DR eliminates trade barriers between the United States and the Latin American countries. The agreement will help these nations solidify their democratic principles, compete in the global market place, increase economic competitiveness, reduce poverty, increase trade, attract investments and help regional integration in a positive manner.

Chavez and Castro are opposed to this deal because it means these Latin American nations will not have to depend on the authoritarian populist propaganda they provide. Chavez/Castro attack CAFTA-DR because they want to undermine pro-American governments, and make nations more vulnerable to radical groups such as the FMLN in El Salvador and FSLN in Nicaragua. If these developing democracies fall into the hands of radicals Castro/Chavez can come in and “save” these nations. The agreement does exactly what the two commies don’t want to happen -- help insulate these vulnerable nations from the threat posed by Cuba and Venezuela and make them stronger democracies.

In addition, if the U.S. government had not make this deal a reality. If CAFTA-DR had failed in Congress, how does the U.S. government face these nations, continuously asking them for support and bringing nothing to the table? Countries, like El Salvador, have sent troops to Iraq and support the administration, all while facing great opposition in their home counties. The United States has to make the CAFTA-DR a reality, not only to increase our own trade with these nations, and support democracy around the world, but to be able to work with these nations in the future. By saying no to CAFTA-DR, you say no to Latin America…. the U.S. does not have that option….

Venezuela's Chavez says CAFTA 'perverse'

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Tremenda Trigueña said...

Perverse! That's a good one...Chavez and his "haterade" he's sippin' on, I hope he chokes! Of course he doesn't want the U.S. involved, because he is no match for our economic might. As long as he can provide cheap healthcare through Castro's doctor brothel he thinks he can fool the Venezuelan people into thinking they have it good. As soon as we come along, he knows he has some competencia.