Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Please Help Katrina Victims!!

It is now time for you to do something…. Please donate money…..

Within a few hours their lives were devastated. Every item they owned had been swept away in a torrid wind, which not only shattered their homes, but their souls. From Mississippi, Alabama to Louisiana people hang out to the last shreds of what use to be their lives.

New Orleans’ flooded streets are filled with sewage. Many wade through the toxicated pool that use to be their neighborhoods, in order to save lives. Estimates expect that thousands have died. Many drowned in their own attics. Those who have made it to dry land wander the streets, with no direction, no water, no food, just panting in the smoldering heat.

Many wonder if New Orleans will be lost forever, or will it be a modern Atlantis, dipping into the ocean forever. 85 % of the city is under water. Even if the water is cleared, all those houses will have suffered severe water damage and will probably have to be destroyed. No one can even begin to truly understand what these people are going through. It is our time to help these people.

Babalu Blog is trying to organize people and donations and asking for support to help this ravaged people.

The American Red Cross
You can make a secure online contribution by visiting the Red Cross Online Donation Page.
1-800-HELP-NOW - (1-800-435-7669)

Catholic Charities –
online at Catholic Charities org.
(The official charity endorced by Babalu Blog - "Catholic Charities is the same organization responsible for assistance to many thousands of Cuban refugees arriving to the US throughout the years and is the official Babalú charitable organization. Let's give a little back" )

Salvation Army
online at Salvation Army USA.

FEMA listed the following agencies as needing cash to assist hurricane victims:

-- Operation Blessing, 800-436-6348.
-- America's Second Harvest, 800-344-8070.
-- Adventist Community Services, 800-381-7171.
-- Catholic Charities, USA, 703-549-1390.
-- Christian Disaster Response, 941-956-5183 or 941-551-9554.
-- Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, 800-848-5818.
-- Church World Service, 800-297-1516.
-- Convoy of Hope, 417-823-8998.
-- Lutheran Disaster Response, 800-638-3522.
-- Mennonite Disaster Service, 717-859-2210.
-- Nazarene Disaster Response, 888-256-5886.
-- Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, 800-872-3283.
-- Southern Baptist Convention -- Disaster Relief, 800-462-8657, ext. 6440.
-- United Methodist Committee on Relief. 800-554-8583.
The Network for Good is also accepting donations for hurricane Katrina relief.

For a complete list of charitable agencies recommended by FEMA, visit

Also read California Yankee for more

Thank you Babalu Blog for your detailed information and work on this matter

On another note, it is beyond me how countries can look at this disaster, the loss of life, property and humanity – and STILL ridicule the United States. Are they so full of hatred and human decency that they can not see past jealousy and see the average person who is suffering in their current personal hell. Some German newspapers, while talking about the tragedy, editorialized saying that it was fit that the US get hit by this storm as we are to blame for global warming!!

Foreigners are VERY VERY wrong thinking that everyone in the US is rich. Many people who are affected by the storm are the poor, those who didn’t have much to begin with. How many of those countries will provide money for this disaster which is currently being estimated over $25 billion!!.... they think that we have enough rich people here and other nations shouldn’t need to help… Goodness forbid they help us, though we have always gone to every countries rescue.

God bless our poor fellow Americans. May this survive this horrible ordeal.

God bless their souls, may they have the strength to continue on and support their neighbor

God bless those that are much more fortunate and may they give as much as possible to help these people.


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