Friday, August 19, 2005

WT - Democrats fail to gain traction from Bush slip

Democrats fail to gain traction from Bush slip -The Washington Times, America's Newspaper:

The Washington Times published an article today stating, that even with the all the Democrats attacks on the President and the Administration (increasing terrorism violence, high gas prices and low approval ratings), the "Blue Team" still can't get any traction to use to their advantage for the upcoming election cycle. Though 18 months away, pollsters, politicos and government junkies are glaring at the numbers trying to figure out was is next.

Also in the article by Donal Lambro he highlights that Hispanics aren't "returning" to the Democratic party as they hoped.

"Mr. Greenberg found growing fissures among Hispanics on issues that could cut into the Democrats' vote next year.
'Social issues, like abortion and gay marriage, create a modest crosscurrent in the Hispanic community that contributed, perhaps marginally, to the erosion of the Hispanic vote' in the 2004 presidential election, he said.
Hispanics who voted Republican were 'slightly more pro-life and slightly more favorable to pro-life groups,' he said. His survey also found significant Hispanic opposition -- 34 percent -- to any new immigration. "

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